Sew-on-the-Go with Needle Turn Hand Appliqué Online Workshop

Adding appliqué to a wall hanging, table runner or even a lap quilt is a great way to add a unique flair and a bit of your personality to your project. Once you learn how to do needle-turn hand appliqué, you find it hard to stop yourself from adding appliqué to all your projects!

Sew on the Go with Needle-Turn Hand Appliqué is a 6-lesson online workshop that takes you through all the steps of creating a beautiful appliqué wall hanging, Bloomin’ Days.

Pattern for Blooming Days wall hanging is included in the workshop.  

You will start at the very beginning with learning about the tools you need, both necessary and optional, and how they will be used during the course. Deanne Eisenman will guide you through all the steps to create this project including preparing the project background, creating and preparing templates and stitching curves and points.

You can choose a light or dark background. 

In this video from one of the lessons in the workshop, Deanne shares a tip on when you should sew smaller applique pieces that are placed on a little bigger applique pieces. 

Deanne Eisenman:
To get started I wanted to talk about where you have smaller pieces applicate onto, uh, the next smaller piece. And then you applicate onto the larger project. Um, the reason why we applicate the smaller pieces onto other pieces before we applicate onto the entire background is because it’s easier to work with the smaller area while you’re stitching, instead of gluing everything down to the background and having to use the, or, or have to handle the entire background the whole time you’re stitching. So these are the pieces that have to be pre stitched before you stitch them down to the background, the large flower with the black center, the small flower with the yellow center and the star with the red center. And then you take the star and you put it on to the circle at the two circles. And you stitch those together before you stitch anything else under the background that helps with the handling of the, of the background.

It also helps not to bring up your background too much and it makes it easier to stitch. So that’s kind of a nice little tip for you for when you’re looking at other projects. Um, I, I tell you that in the pattern that you’re going to be able to download with the project. So you know that that’s one of the steps you need to do, but if you’re doing another kind of a project, always remember to look at the applicators that are layered and you can go ahead and stitch the smaller pieces to larger pieces before you stitch everything down.

Sew-on-the-Go with Needle-Turn Hand Appliqué Online Workshop runs from 10/8/2021 to 11/5/2021. Registration ends on 10/22/21. Register early and save $10 with code: SEWGO10 – expires 10/08.

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