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These Exist is a place to share fashion items that leave us…speechless. After all, we can’t muster a hot take for every Juicy x Swarovski crystal tracksuit or WTF jeans. All we can do is present the spectacle, give you the facts, and let you know that while you go on living your best life…these exist. And we thought you should know.

Sometimes, all it takes to become cool in fashion is being a laughing stock first. Weather that storm and you may even become an “influencer”! See: Fanny packs, scrunchies, and now Crocs, which appeared first at Christopher Kane, covered in fur, and then in a platform version for a Balenciaga collaboration.

Announced today, Alife, a New York City activewear brand, is collaborating with Crocs to bring you…Crocs with socks. Built in. You don’t even have to bring your own pair of socks, because these have them sewn right into the soles! A double whammy, if you ask us: Not just a revival of a previously abhorred shoe style, but also a celebration of a once-questionable styling choice (socks with sandals).

See what they did there?


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The Crocs are your standard issue white, while the socks are chunky tube socks—like the ones Gucci sent down the runway at a resort presentation a few seasons back, like the ones No 21 showed this resort season, and like the ones Larry Bird wore in the ’80s. Guess everything old is a new again.

Buy Alife Crocs with Socks for $140 on June 14 and nobody in fashion will be mad.


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