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When it comes to Halle Berry’s workout routine, we cannot get enough. She’s shown us the various training modalities that she implements into her regimen, from boxing to meditation, and we’ve been dying to know what her favorite exercise is. POPSUGAR spoke to her trainer, Peter Thomas, and he revealed, “She really likes to do push-ups. I don’t think there’s a single push-up she can’t do.” Thomas described the Oscar winner as a “push-up master,” telling POPSUGAR that “she can do all the hard ones. Whether it’s doing a clapping push-up, she can do wide push-ups, narrow grip push-ups, staggered push-ups, push-ups on a small medicine ball, a big medicine ball, and a yoga ball.”

We’re by no means surprised that the actress is a push-up queen — just look at her. Thomas told POPSUGAR that Berry always mentions how important it is for women to have a strong upper body, as it’s often overlooked. What Halle wants, Halle gets. Here are 10 Halle Berry-approved push-up variations to strengthen and tone your arms.


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