The Best Laundry Detergent For Workout Clothes



When I work out, I sweat — a lot — and this happens at just about every workout you can think of. It’s not unusual for me to walk out of a Pilates class looking like I just completed 60 minutes of Spin. And sadly, my sweat does not smell like roses. It’s gross, but it’s my reality.

While regular detergent might work on a pair of jeans, this does not hold true to my soaked-in-sweat workout gear. Before discovering detergent that actually got the funk out of my sports bras, capris, and tanks, it wasn’t unusual for me to do an entire load of my favorite fitness items, just to find offensive odors still lingering once everything was dry. After playing around with plenty of DIY solutions and testing every detergent I could get my hands on, I’ve found three solid choices that work. Unlike most detergents, they don’t leave a weird residue behind, won’t harm the technical properties of good workout gear, and most importantly, eliminate that funk a good session at the gym is sure to leave behind.


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