Stacey Abrams Is One Step Closer to Becoming the Country’s First Black Female Governor


Stacey Abrams has officially won the Democratic gubernatorial primary in Georgia, which means if she wins in November, she will not only become the state’s first female governor, but the country’s very first black female governor.

Abrams is the former minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, and throughout her campaign, she focused on mobilizing minority voters, especially in rural communities, whereas her opponent, Stacey Evans, focused more on white working-class voters, according to The Atlantic. Abrams’ campaign spokesperson told the site their goal was to “reach out to a multiracial, multiethnic coalition of urban, suburban and rural voters.”

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If Abrams wins this November, she’ll also be Georgia’s first Democratic governor since 2003. And she’ll join the short list of black women who occupy any state elected executive office; according to Vox, right now, only three black women do so.

Back in November, Abrams told, “My being a black woman is not a deficit. It is a strength. Because I could not be where I am had I not overcome so many other barriers. Which means you know I’m relentless, you know I’m persistent, and you know I’m smart.”


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