Healthy Chicken Meal Prep Ideas


Meal prepping is an amazing tool when it comes to eating clean throughout the week. It saves us from last-minute fast-food binges and hangry spats with anyone who dare to come near us after work when we’re too hungry to think straight. The key to successful meal prepping is variety. Stick to a few different meals so you can make sure you’re not eating the same exact dishes all week, which takes as little effort as switching up veggies or cooking your carbs or proteins with different spices.

One of the most common foods used when prepping meals is chicken. It’s a protein-packed poultry that can be easily cooked in tons of different ways, making it an excellent addition to your meal preps. Whether you eat your lunches and dinners straight out of your Tupperware or plate them nicely on a dish, these 20 healthy chicken meal prep ideas are bound to give you some serious inspo.


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