An Interview with a Man Who Was Tragically Shut Out of the All-Women Wonder Woman Screening



The Bat Signal?

No, the Men’s Rights Are being Trampled signal. The MRAT Signal. It’s a working title. It’s been stuck in committee for two decades. But it’s really effective. If you look up in the clouds and see the silhouette of a penis with a sad face, that’s what it is. Anyway, this guy on 4chan runs it. He has some complicated algorithm that tells him any time any woman anywhere is happy and then he investigates to find out if it’s something men can ruin. It’s very effective. Anyway, the signal went up and we came flocking. It’s for equality, you know.

Does this feel unequal to you?

Yes! I want to go anywhere I want, even places I don’t want to go. This feels mean. I feel like if Wonder Woman were here, she’d want me at this screening.

Are you sure about that? She lives in a kingdom with no men.

What?! This is new information! Hold on, let me send a text to RageKing69 on 4chan. He needs to know about this.

It’s pretty common knowledge.

Well, I’ve never really paid any attention to Wonder Woman or her backstory or anything. But this makes me really furious. I thought we were super friends.

It’s possible to be friends—

Super friends.

Super friends and still want a space of one’s own.

I don’t understand that.

You have a whole underground cave for yourself and your cars and your clothes and your butler, though.

That’s different. I’m not saying other people can’t come into the Bat Cave. I just made it impossible to find and booby-trapped the entrance and put up a sign that says “Ladies, go away. This means you, Selina Kyle.”

Okay. Thanks for clarifying. Last question: when you reached out to the Alamo Drafthouse about the Wonder Woman screening, how did they respond?

They sent me a free ticket to a screening of the all-female Ghostbusters movie.

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