52 meads in a year #3. the pyment mead

Dark concord pyment.
Pyment is a product fermented with grapes and honey.
The grape is both distinctively vinous and well-incorporated into the honey-sweet-acid-tannin-alcohol balance of the mead. White and red versions can be quite different, and the overall impression should be characteristic of the type of grapes used and suggestive of a similar variety wine. There should be an appealing blend of the fruit and honey character but not necessarily an even balance. Alternatively, the pyment may be a homemade grape-based wine sweetened with honey, or a mead mixed with homemade grape-based wine after fermentation.

Here as always we are going a good Juice and honey mix and not blending. It will come out dry with strong flavors.
give 40 day fermentation and 10 days to clear in second fermentation, and 30 days to age in the bottle NICE

2.5 lbs of honey i like clover honey
1 gallon of concord grape juice, if you juice strain out pulp.
1 Red Star Premier Blanc Yeast


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