52 mead in a year #5 The Stoned Pyment Melomel

Melomel is made from honey and any fruit. Depending on the fruit base used, certain melomels may also be known by more specific names.
A contemporary pyment is a melomel made from the fermentation of a blend of grapes and honey and can be considered either a grape mead or honeyed wine. Pyment made with white grapes is sometimes called “white mead”.
A Stone Fruit Mead is an entry category for melomels made
with stone fruit, such as cherries, plums, peaches, apricots, and
mangoes. Stone fruit are fleshy fruit with a single large pit or
So I guess you can call this one A Stoned Pyment Melomel

Many meadmakers will use a combination of primary and secondary fruit additions to attain that extra-fresh fruit character. There is a big debate on the merits of adding fruit to the primary. The main reason given for not doing so is the loss of those volatile aromatics which will be driven off with the CO2. All I can say is try it both ways and choose which ever works best for you. I use a balloon to keep aromatics in the jug.

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