Luann de Lesseps Says 2017 Arrest Was “Absolutely” An Incident Of Bullying

Since her arrest in December 2017, Luann de Lesseps’ life has been action-packed. The Real Housewives of New York star’s very public meltdown triggered a series of events that changed her life in ways she could not have imagined. Following her arrest for charges ranging from disorderly intoxication to battery on an officer, she headed straight to rehab. For many people, accepting a plea deal and quietly serving out the terms of their sentence would have been the end of it.

Not for cabaret star Luann! Since her intial brush with the law, Luann has admitted to continuing to use alcohol, has been to a second stint in rehab, was charged with violating her probation and was sued by her children for alleged trust fund shenanigans. Luann has finally completed the terms of her probation, but continues to waffle on her future sobriety. Now, Luann is questioning whether or not she should have been arrested at all, even claiming she was bullied during her arrest.

Luann recently co-hosted a comedy show to benefit the STOMP Out Bullying Campaign. In an interview with In Touch Weekly at the event, Luann explained the connection she feels she has to bullying. She declared, “I mean I got arrested for being drunk in my own hotel.”

The cabaret warbler went on to claim that the incident was “absolutely” a form of bullying. Luann added, “Wouldn’t you [call it that]?”

Would I call being arrested Countess Style on private property for being highly intoxicated in someone else’s hotel room a form of bullying? Probably not. Stupid, yes. Irresponsible, absolutely. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however.

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Luann was also asked if she thought her disorderly conduct and battery on an officer charges were escalated because of her Housewife status. She shared, “Who knows? I just know that the police officer that arrested me got arrested. He’s in jail for making false arrests.” Allegedly making false arrests Luann–you should know the legal lingo by now, oh Courtroom Frequent Flyer!

The oblique statement is referring to the recent arrest of the officer who arrested her. Although the officer has been charged with misconduct in numerous cases, the Palm Beach Police Department denies that misconduct was part of Luann’s case.

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Despite her suspicions about her arrest, Luann says she is not a Bitter Betty, stating, “You know, I don’t really wish revenge on anybody. I think things happen for a reason and for me, getting off probation and having this happen is vindicating in a certain way. But I do take the responsibility of not acting the right way in front of a policeman, absolutely, but I think it was handled very–it could have been handled better or differently.”

Nice try Luann. Her newfound familiarity with the court system has apparently taught her that any doubt you cast can help your case–or assist in restoring your tattered public reputation. Luann de Lesseps, amateur paralegal and image guru available for consultation!

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Despite her questions about how everything went down with her case, Luann does ultimately accept some responsibility. She told In Touch Weekly, “It’s in the past. It’s in the past. I hold myself accountable.”

Only time will tell how accountable Luann holds herself. Her co-stars, like Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley, and Tinsley Mortimer have all accused her of arrogance and poor behavior. Ramona Singer has questioned her sobriety. Bethenny Frankel was so fed up with Luann’s self-centered antics that she directed a screaming meltdown at her in Miami.

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At this point, whether or not Luann remains sober and stays out of trouble is all up to her. Hopefully, she will make good choices. If not, bad choices often make for good television!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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