Thomas Ravenel Pleads Guilty To Assault; Gets $500 Fine & Avoids Jail

Thomas Ravenel Pleads Guilty To Assault; Gets $500 Fine & Avoids Jail

Unfortunately, very few people are surprised by this one. Thomas Ravenel has avoided jail time for sexual assault. Another “victory” for the good ole boys.

While the Southern Charm viewers and the rest of the country are annoyed and perplexed by Thomas’ perceived power and ability to get out of trouble, he still has some influence in Charleston. Apparently.

An article from People confirmed that Thomas pleaded guilty to third-degree assault and battery. Nanny Dawn, who took care of his two children with Kathryn Dennis, accused Thomas of rape.

He appeared in a Charleston court on September 11. Nanny Dawn was not present in the courtroom. However, she sent in a letter for the judge to read to the disgraced Southern Charm alum. In response, Thomas agreed with the facts that were presented.

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He received a 30-day sentence, but that was immediately suspended for a $500 fine. That’s right. He admitted he was GUILTY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT and he just got to avoid jail time and pay a fine instead. Wow. How does this make any sense? Oh, right it doesn’t at all.

As of this moment, Thomas has not commented on his day in court, but I’m sure he will eventually just because he seems to get off on receiving the last word.

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It would be so interesting if Southern Charm actually showed the authentic reactions of the cast members in response to this ruling. Of course, everyone is just afraid about saying anything so publicly about Thomas and getting dragged into court, so this will never happen.

Nevertheless, it’s a sad day all around for Nanny Dawn and other victims of sexual assault who have not been vindicated in a court of law.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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