Sonja Morgan, Melissa Gorga, & Porsha Williams Dish On The Craziest Places That They’ve Had Sex

Sonja Morgan Melissa Gorga Porsha Williams Music Video

It’s always magic when Real Housewives collide! Recently Melissa Gorga, Porsha Williams, and Sonja Morgan collaborated on a music video. The subject, of course, is something that the ladies know a little something about– getting work done. Melissa, Sonja, and Porsha all sing different sections of the song. And somewhere, cabaret star Luann de Lesseps is warbling a sad song next to a piano.

The video also features appearances by Dorinda Medley and Tamra Judge. The hilarious video is a commercial for a new Fiber One low-calorie snack bar. But I am here for it! I love when Dorinda says “Clip!” at the end.

Porsha, Sonja, and Melissa spoke to US Weekly, and of course, the conversation naturally turned to sex. In a video clip, the ladies discuss the craziest places that they have done the deed. Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa didn’t hesitate. “I think a movie theater. I just sat on [husband Joe Gorga’s] lap,” she stated.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha fessed up to her wildest location. “Oh my God! I did it in a nightclub, I mean…But when you said sit on [it] that’s what made me remember. Yeah…that seems easy to do.”

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Sonja, who stars on Real Housewives of New York, had a stunning response. “In a hammock. Try that,” Sonja exclaimed. “Sometimes you fall out and then you get back in. Never give up! That was in Nantucket.”

Sonja didn’t mention rolling around with a Johnny Depp look-alike pirate on the RHONY’s girl’s trip to St. Barth’s in 2012. In fact, wasn’t Luann supposed to have hooked up with the same pirate? Ah, memories!

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So, what do these Housewives do to keep things spicy in the bedroom? Porsha told US Weekly, “I personally feel it’s how you feel. When I’m most confident it really doesn’t have much to do with my size, whether I’m big or small. It’s just how I decide to feel about myself,” the RHOA star commented. “And that’s when I can open up more sexually, etcetera. I don’t ever diet or do anything for the guy. It’s always for me.” It sounds like Porsha isn’t crying over her supposed break-up with fiancé Dennis McKinley.

RHONJ’s Melissa agreed with Porsha. “But I do think…I do think it’s all about confidence. It’s like it’s what you feel. like, you know, there’s like that sexy eye that you get.” Remember when Joe revealed that he and Melissa had sex every day for 10 years? I wish that I could forget!

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Clearly, Melissa is doing her best to perpetuate this nonsense story. “I have Joe Gorga chasing me around the house. It doesn’t matter if I’m in sweatpants or a dress or heels or sneakers,” Melissa explained. “He’s just chasing me.” I’d stick with the sneakers, Melissa. Maybe then you could outrun your husband.

So, what about the mile-high club? Shocker—Sonja is a member, but she does have standards. “I did it on a bed on a plane, but not on a commercial toilet,” Sonja shared. “I wouldn’t do it on a messy toilet on a plane.” Got it–so only a private jet will do.

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Both Melissa and Porsha are turned off by the thought of fumbling around in a germy toilet on a commercial plane, so they haven’t taken that step…yet.


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