Michael And Ashley Darby Want To Have More Children

This season on Real Housewives of Potomac, Ashley Darby has been consumed with conceiving a child.  Then her husband Michael Darby was faced with accusations of sexual assault.  Now they are both dealing with the fallout as the cast mates react and distance themselves from the Darbys.

Ashley’s road to motherhood took a backseat to all that drama.  But she did use it as a means of deflection when castmates questioned her about Michael’s legal woes.  It could only be described as fortuitous that Ashley gave birth to the next Darby heir on July 7th just in time for the show to air yet another controversial episode about Michael.  The two parents showed a united front to present their son to the world.  Meanwhile, fans and castmates took to social media to react to that episode.  Maybe Ashley felt the need to appear in the news circuit this particular week, because she recently gave an update on Dean and her changing thoughts about motherhood.

After settling into her new role as mother, Ashley feels she is ready to add to the family.  According to a People article, Ashley stated, “I definitely want more children.  I want as many kids as I can have.”

Michael already has two adult children from a previous relationship and he has reservations about adding to the family.  Ashley explained, “Michael has some limitations and he’s practical about his lifestyle and his age. He’s very practical. Like, ‘I don’t want to be in this position of not being able to be there for my kids.’”

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Ashley revealed that Michael has warmed up to the idea.  She said, “but he actually has been changing his tune a little quicker than even I expected, and he’s already talking about another child.  It’s almost a when, instead of an if.”

“He is so enamored with Dean and he wants to be with him all the time,” Ashley continued, “and I think it’s reigniting something inside of him. Like, ‘Yeah, I really love this fatherhood-to-young-kids thing.’ I think it could happen in the next couple of years. I’ll give him a year and a half, and then I hope we’ll get there.”

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It’s always great to celebrate a happy family and it seems that Ashley and Michael are staying strong amid all of his legal issues.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]

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