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Looking ahead to 2019, we think we already know exactly how everyone’s going to be working out. While gyms and boutique studios will certainly still have their place, we predict the hottest workout next year will be the one in your living room.

Sure, on-demand, at-home, and live-stream workouts aren’t exactly new, but they’re about to be bigger, better, and more en vogue than ever thanks to a number of factors. For starters, millennials — the largest, most fitness-obsessed generation — are becoming parents by the million each year, meaning their schedules are going to get a lot busier (read: way less free time for workouts).

Aside from the megainfluence millennials have on cultural trends (particularly when it comes to fitness), we expect that the money being funneled into this new sector of the fitness industry will help to better serve smaller markets that major, trendy fitness chains have overlooked. With on-demand, in-home workouts, you don’t have to wait for an Equinox or SoulCycle to open up in your town — you get access to elite trainers digitally, from the comfort of your living room. Here are 12 you’ll want to choose from in 2019.

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