Ariana Grande’s Secret Message In “Pete Davidson” Song

Ariana Grande’s “Pete Davidson” song read loud and clear—it was about her love for then-fiancée Pete Davidson (duh). But it turns out Grande actually slipped a secret tribute to her ex into the song, one that goes beyond just lyrics.

As E! pointed out, Grande repeatedly uses the chords B, A, and E (in that order) throughout “Pete Davidson” to spell the word “Bae.” Sneaky!

It should come as zero surprise that Grande snuck this musical pattern into the song; her most recent hit, “Thank U, Next” is full of nods to ex-boyfriends and famous rom-com’s from the early 00’s. In the music video—which pays homage to 13 Going On 30, Bring It On, Legally Blonde, and Mean Girls—Grande writes the names of all of her ex-boyfriends in a Regina George-styled Burn Book. For Davidson, she wrote “Sry I dipped,” and “HUUUGE.” Okay, Pete!



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