Ariana Grande Tweets ‘True Love Doesn’t Exist’

Things got just a touch cynical on Ariana Grande’s Twitter feed today. Grande has been promoting her new “Thank U, Next” video—which fuses elements from Legally Blonde, Mean Girls, Bring It On, and 13 Going On 30—all week. But for someone who’s been tapping inspiration from rom-coms, the singer had some dark things to say about finding true love.

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An Ariana Grande fan account captured Grande’s below tweet, which has since been deleted:

“Actually…I don’t want no ‘next.’ True love doesn’t exist. Hope you’re having a great day!” she wrote. But wait! About an hour later, Grande deleted her tweet and sent out another message to her 50+ million followers:

“True love might exist I was just hungry,” she wrote. Followed by a short and sweet “But still, fuck that.”

Looks like Ariana Grande plans to be more focused on music than her love life for a while—zero complaints here.

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