Trader Joe’s Vegan Cocoa Peppermint Creamer

As the holiday season approaches, pumpkin spice gives way to peppermint-flavored everything. Nowhere is this more apparent than at Trader Joe’s, which unveils tasty chocolate-peppermint treats such as Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, peppermint ice cream cones, and chocolate peppermint almond beverage come Winter.

But why wait until dessert to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate and peppermint together? Luckily, Trader Joe’s understands our need for the flavors all day long and released a cocoa-peppermint-flavored coffee creamer just in time for the holiday season so we can enjoy it first thing in the morning. The best part? This creamer is dairy-free, meaning it’s perfect for vegans and dairy-sensitive folks.

This coffee creamer sells for $2, and although the nutrition information isn’t available, @traderjoesvegan on Instagram wrote, “I feel like the sweetness and creaminess is just right.” If you want to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate and peppermint with your coffee without splurging on a coffee shop peppermint mocha latte (which likely has dozens of grams of sugar), then pick up a carton of this on your next TJ’s run.

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