These White Boots Make Me Feel Like a Powerful Witch

I once watched a TED Talk about power posing. (Which people now say is bogus, but whatever.) I can understand how standing with your hands on your hips or taking up a lot of space might help you feel more Rihanna-esque, but honestly, if I want to feel like a powerful goddess, I just think about Stevie Nicks—or wear these Steven ankle boots.

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Every fashionable woman was wearing white boots last winter—possibly the winter before, too, I’m always late to trends—but I could never quite make the leap. I’m messy, New York is dirty, and I believe that in every case white clothing is a hubris canvas that gods love to poop on.

Leila Pointed Toe Booties


However. As fall descends this time around, I’m dilly-dallying about a totally different boot quandary (cowboy vs. OTK). While wrestling with that particular problem, I happened upon these little booties and copped a coup de foudre straight to my shoppies chakra. Which is weird, because these are the least me boots I’ve ever seen. They have a stiletto heel, a style I have never worn or even coveted, and the majority of my footwear is black as Sabrina‘s cat. Immediately I imagined spilling mustard on them. But without hesitation, I added to cart; there was just something so straightforward and sharp about them.

When they arrived, I knew my instincts had been right. All together, the pointed toe, the thin heel, and the matte white leather are like waving a wand and saying Wingardium leviosa: Fashion-wise, they give my entire wardrobe a bit of a lift, compared to the endless pairs of black boots I usually select. And because the 3.25-inch heel is surprisingly walkable, they’re eminently suitable as an everyday shoe. Honestly, stalking around in the office with them on made me feel like a powerful witch. So I put a hex on Donald Trump today. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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