Easy to Find Yeezy Sneakers

In case you haven’t been pulled into the sneakerhead vortex before, here’s a quick catch-up of what happens when Yeezy sneakers drop: Super-duper limited amounts of pairs are typically released, causing people to queue up, stalk the internet, and refresh-refresh-refresh websites and Twitter feeds. Those lucky enough to make it to a “complete purchase” button keep and wear them. Others turn around and enter their booty into the resale market, upping prices (and creating a need that, in turn, creates a counterfeit industry).

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On a macro and micro level, I hate this. As a fashion writer, I understand the marketing ploy behind creating urgency and limiting the amount of a product—if everyone has it, why would you want it?—but when we’re fueling all the shady things that go on with creating fakes, isn’t there more harm than good being done? Plus, there’s actual violence associated with the world of pricy sneakers. Google “dying over sneakers” and you’ll pull up articles with headlines like “A Recent History of Sneaker Violence” and “1,200 People Are Killed Each Year Over Sneakers.”

Micro-wise, I’ve been an accessory to my husband’s sneaker quests for years. Because I love him (but probably because I really love an intense shopping hunt) I’ve sat shoulder-to-shoulder with every laptop and phone in our house open and waiting for the chance to be funneled into the next step of the purchase process. We never got through.

But with this broad release of Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in Triple White, one of the things that’s always been most maddening about the sneaker market seems like it’s about to change.


Just casually waiting in folding chairs for the opportunity to spend $ on something. NBD.

Getty ImagesJoe Giddens – PA Images

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Yeezy Boost 350 in Triple White


Yeezy Boost Triple White, $220; yeezysupply.com

It feels kind of significant that the brand appears to have decided to just produce and sell more. The official press release said that “a Yeezy sneaker will be released in mass quantities, giving an unprecedented number of fans worldwide direct access to at retail price.”

When I casually clicked an email today to see if the above all-white style that launched yesterday was available, I figured there was no way it would ever be. But it seems like I was proven wrong. See if your size is still available and shop a pair on yeezesupply.com.

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