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Looking to build your booty without heavy weights? This workout from Los Angeles’s Bünda studio is for you. All you need are a StairMaster (or a set of stairs!) and a booty band, so get ready to build up your backside. Remember: you want the workout to be challenging, but form is the most important part, especially in the variations.

StairMaster Series

Directions: Repeat the StairMaster series three times, totaling 15 minutes. Increase the level by one with each round, but do not sacrifice form — decrease the level for the variations as needed. You want the workout to be challenging, but form is the most important part, especially in the variations. For the floor series, you will need a green mini band.

1 minute: Single step

  • Just like walking upstairs, one step at a time.

1 minute: Skip a step

  • Take bigger steps, like walking upstairs two steps at a time.
  • This is great for your hamstrings, but avoid it if you have any knee injuries.

1 minute: Side step right

  • Face the side of the machine so both hips are facing to the right; bring your hands to the right-side handlebars.
  • Your right foot will cross over your left.
  • Focus on engaging the outer right hip and glute.
  • This will lift your booty from the side as well as strengthen the muscles that stabilize your lower back and knee.

1 minute: Side step left

  • Switch sides and face left, bringing your hands to the left-side handlebars.
  • Your left foot will cross over your right.
  • Focus on engaging the outer left hip and glute.

1 minute: Alternating kickbacks

  • You want to stay leaning forward throughout the movement. As you skip a step (like stepping two stairs at a time), lift the opposite leg straight back, pausing at the top to feel the glute muscle engage.
  • This is best at level five or six.

Strength-Training Series

Repeat this five-exercise circuit three times, resting one minute between each circuit. Cool down with these booty stretches.

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