No Woman Has Ever Done Marianne Eaves’ Job Before

Utterly unique, multi-faceted, and stronger than first impressions might have you believe, the correlation between woman and diamond is undeniable. To celebrate The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, we’re sharing the stories of strong, accomplished women who are more than the sum of all their parts.

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Imagine if your job had never been done by another woman before. It’s pretty impossible to fathom, even though there are still so many industries dominated by men (though there’s at least been some progress; even aviation, a heavily male-dominated field, has a small percentage of working female pilots who were inspired by women that came before).

Marianne Eaves of Castle & Key Distillery doesn’t have to imagine. She’s the first female master distiller of bourbon in Kentucky (and the U.S.). With a background in chemical engineering and industry grooming from one of the spirit world’s heaviest hitters, she was a hand-in-glove fit as the brains and nose to bring the distillery to life.

As diamonds take centuries to become diamonds, the bourbon-making process requires years, a journey with multiple chances for Eaves to stop and reflect on the small moments that build up to something great. The focus on self-defined victories and the unique qualities they require—like Eaves’s determination and grit—are also key to The Forevermark Tribute™ Collection, a grouping of delicate pieces meant to be mixed, matched, stacked, and layered. Like all Forevermark diamonds, each one is selected after a rigorous process and is responsibly sourced.

Watch her story above and explore the jewelry below.

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