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Let’s be completely honest: sometimes your ab routines can become extremely stale and boring. In my opinion, if your workout is boring — and you’re dreading it before you begin — the more likely you are to half-ass it or just skip it entirely. I don’t like either option.

To prevent just going through the motions or skipping workouts altogether, I created the following five-minute ab workout. In five minutes, you’ll strengthen and tone your transverse abdominis (your deep core muscles), your obliques, and your rectus abdominis; working all the layers of your abs is essential to sculpting a six-pack (and don’t forget having a clean diet).

The Workout

  • This workout should be performed as a circuit; complete 30 seconds of each exercise, then quickly transition to the following exercise. You should aim to take as little rest as possible in between exercises.
  • Once you’ve completed the fifth and last exercise, rest for 60 seconds, then repeat the circuit for one more round.
  • Do this workout two to three times a week.

Model credit: Morgan Simone

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