Worst Carbs For Belly Fat

Carbs: one of the most debatable food categories. There are tons of diets out there promoting an elimination or severe reduction of carbohydrates in our meals to help us lose weight. But are carbs good or bad for us? Can we eat them and still lose weight? Are they healthy? Do they contribute to belly fat?

There’s a simple answer to all of these questions: not all carbs are created equal. Our bodies need carbohydrates and utilize them as a fuel source. However, while some carbs can help us reach our health goals, others should be avoided because they tend to be processed to the point where they serve little to no nutritional purpose in our diets and add unnecessary weight to our midsections. Most “bad” carbs are void of fiber, which isn’t great for our weight-loss goals. Fiber helps us stay fuller longer, can reduce gut inflammation, and increases metabolism. As a certified holistic nutritionist, rather than telling my clients to eliminate carbs, I educate them on the ones that should be taken out of their diets to help them reach their health goals. There are five types of carbs I always recommend avoiding, especially for those who are trying to lose belly fat.

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