15-Pound Weight Loss | Elizabeth Harty


Elizabeth Harty was a Division I athlete in college, but her fitness level changed significantly when she had knee surgery. “The recovery was very hard for me,” Elizabeth told POPSUGAR. “It took me a year to get back running on my feet. When I was finally able to work out, I just felt like the surgery totally changed my body in terms of body composition.”

She ended up gaining weight slowly but surely, until she realized she wanted to get back to her previous weight and fitness abilities. “I decided it was time to whip my body back in shape and feel more like me,” she shared. “All I had to do was scroll on the Renaissance Periodization Instagram and I was sold.”

The rest is history. Her starting weight was 135.6 pounds and she lost 15 pounds, ending at 120.4. “I didn’t really have a weight goal other than losing weight and changing my body composition,” she said. “I was doing RP for the journey and life-changing experience.”

Elizabeth says she feels “better than ever.” Most importantly, she said, “I did not ever feel like I was starving myself through this entire process!” Here are the details on Elizabeth’s 15-pound weight loss.


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