What Happens When You Eat Vegan For a Week

I love a good challenge! When it comes to my improving my health, I love to try new things and see how my body responds. When I saw everybody raving about going vegan, I knew it was time to try eating a plant-based diet — at least for a week. Many people who go vegan or eat more plant-based diets say that they feel better than ever and lose some weight. Some also report their energy levels skyrocket. Why wouldn’t I want to try it?

Just seven days — how difficult could that be? No dairy, no meat, no honey, no eggs. Even though I eat meat every single day, I felt confident I would be successful, and I was excited to try eating in a new way. Who knows? Maybe I’d go through some out-of-body experience that would transform my life. Or maybe I’d give up halfway through. Since I was so focused on food for seven days, I thought it best to show you how I fueled myself daily. Here what down each day.

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