Trader Joe’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins

Leave it to Trader Joe’s to supply our Thin Mint fix during Girl Scout Cookie off-season. The brand’s Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Coins hit shelves back in late June, and customers are now beginning to take notice to this low-calorie, Thin Mint alternative. According to the Trader Joe’s blog, this product was inspired by TJ’s star-shaped, holiday mint cookies — except these treats are available all-year round. Just like the Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars, these goodies are made with shortbread, infused with peppermint oil, and covered in rick, dark chocolate.

On top of selling for only $2 (at the time of release), these Mint Coins are guilt-free! One serving size (eight cookies) only amounts to 140 calories total, which means each coin is only about 18 calories. I don’t know about you, but we’re definitely going to stock up.

See photos from excited Instagram users ahead!

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