Beyoncé Accidentally Posed for a Selfie Photo, Not Video


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Celeb makeup artist Mally Roncal had the privilege of taking a selfie with her longtime friend Beyoncé last night—and managed to catch Bey falling in a very familiar trap. Roncal was taking a video, and Bey thought it was a photo. Watching Beyoncé process this and react is a truly great thing.

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“Oh wait, this is a video,” she exclaimed, when Roncal started talking to the camera about how beautiful Bey is. “Sorry! I’m over here making fish lips,” Bey said, laughing.

Roncal posted the video with the gushiest caption (because of course! You would too if you were friends with Beyoncé!) “@BEYONCE I love you,” Roncal started. “There are no words to describe how priceless our friendship is to me. I met this Other Worldly Earth Angel when she was 19 years old and now, two marriages, 6 kids, countless makeup sessions, photo/video shoots, award ceremonies and 16 years between us, every time is see you it’s like yesterday! Thank you for loving, kind, silly, inspiring spirit. I love you!”

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