Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Jade Rolling

If you’ve scrolled through Instagram lately (lol) chances are you’ve come across a jade roller or two. The beauty #topshelfie favorite has become popular on the ‘net in recent years, but it’s actually been around for centuries.

So, what is a jade roller exactly? “It is a very simple tool, a roller attached to a handle and made out of jade,” explains London-based dermatologist Lamees Hamdan, the founder and CEO of beauty brand Shiffa. Jade rollers date back to ancient China and have been used for centuries to both bring positive chi and muscle relaxation to the face.

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The jade roller can be used on the face, neck, and eyes as a lymphatic massage, which is the natural drainage of the lymph, the a bodily fluid that carries waste products away from the tissue and back towards the heart.

A “self-administered lymphatic drainage massage” might sound like a procedure you wouldn’t be allowed to eat 24 hours beforehand, but it’s just a simple way of depuffing the skin. “The lymphatic system is a network that picks up fluids and waste from the spaces between the cells and then filters and cleans them, so it helps rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials,” explains Leila Carter, founder of Jade Roller Beauty. “70 percent of lymphatic vessels are located just below the skin so massaging the facial structure is key to helping our face move the excess fluids, which cause the puffiness.”

Beyond the overall radiance and depuffing of the skin, jade rollers work to improve blood circulation and relieve facial and jaw tension.

If you’re not already convinced of the benefits, the simplicity of using the tool might sell you. You start in the middle of the face and move outwards across the cheek explains, Carter. Then, you move to the eyebrows, roll upwards across the forehead, and move below the lower lip downward across the chin. You are essentially rolling your face like fresh dough. You can also use the smaller ends of the tool for more delicate and hard to reach areas.

Sound simple and maybe even too good to be true? We had four different editors try jade rolling for a week to get all the real feels. Their thoughts ahead.

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