Tone It Up Butt Workout

You may know the Tone It Up girls, Katrina and Karena, as some of the happiest women on Instagram. Their sunny personalities and love for all things fitness and wellness have inspired many women to turn their lives around and get their health on track.

Tone It Up has a brand-new eight-week fitness and lifestyle challenge starting on May 7 called 2018 Bikini Series, and to give you a little preview of what the workouts will look like, they’ve given POPSUGAR an exclusive booty session that will surely tone your legs and strengthen your glutes.

“We’re sharing a brand-new workout designed to tone that cheeky 🍑 of yours!” Tone It Up told POPSUGAR. “This routine will sculpt your legs and booty and majorly boost your metabolism with heart-pumping cardio moves! Since your booty is one of the largest and strongest muscles in your body, it can handle a lot of toning love. We suggest doing this routine up to three times a week with 8- to 12-pound dumbbells. You’ll be feeling so strong and confident — and rocking those cutoff shorts this summer!”

Descriptions for each move are below. Enjoy the burn!

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