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Although yoga is primarily about connecting the mind with the body and establishing a sense of peace within, it’s also a hell of a workout. Don’t be fooled by how Zen everyone looks when they come out of Savasana, because chances are, they worked hard. We spoke to Rachel Brathen, renowned yoga teacher who you may know as Yoga Girl on Instagram, who led some classes at the Propel Co:Labs Fitness Festival, and she shared her favorite yoga poses to tone and strengthen your lower body.

First and foremost, Rachel told POPSUGAR that “Chair Pose (Utkatasana) is really good” for “toning and strengthening” up your booty and legs. It’s essentially a deep body-weight squat that requires a tremendous amount of strength in your lower body.

She also likes Warrior 3 because it’s “a standing, balancing pose that’s a big challenge.” Expect to have your coordination challenged while you also tone your glutes and hamstrings. Her other two favorites are the basic Malasana squat (hello, thighs!) and Standing Split, especially “if you activate” through your legs the whole time.

Add these four poses to your repertoire, and you’ll achieve the elusive intersection of Zen and booty gains!


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