6 Things You Missed in Season 2, Episode 6 of Westworld


In “Phase Space,” Delos’ retrieval detail finally arrived in Westworld, Abernathy made it to the Mesa, and Elsie and Bernard tried to get to the bottom of what’s happening in the bowels of the park. Meanwhile, Dolores’ and Maeve’s respective missions are advancing, and the Man in Black’s family reunion goes very strangely indeed. But what were the all-important minor details you might have missed?

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Here are six key things to note from season 2, episode 6 of Westworld.

1. Dolores’ conversation with Bernard echoes two other encounters we’ve been in the series.

In the opening scene, Bernard talks to Dolores about having to make a choice between the unknown and “an end.” This looks like one of her and Bernard’s original conversations, in which Bernard would assess Dolores’ progress. But then Dolores interrupts the tableau. “No. He didn’t say that,” she says. This makes it clear that she’s actually the one testing Bernard (or a version of him) this time, in the same way William was testing the James Delos clone—as she says, for “fidelity.” So what’s going on here? Has she somehow uploaded Bernard’s control unit to a different model of Bernard’s body, or altered his settings in some way?

2. Emily knows the park better than her father does.

We know the Man in Black has come back to Westworld over and over again, and knows every little bit of the park—or so he thinks. He’s convinced that his daughter is a host sent by Ford to plague him, but when she realizes faster than he does that they’ve walked into one of the park’s “honey pot” traps, he’s finally convinced it’s her and not a host.

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3. What’s the Cradle?

Elsie and Bernard discover something called the Cradle—spelled CR4-DL—has been resisting Delos’ efforts to take back control over the parks. Elsie describes its activity as resembling the behavior of something that is improvising and fighting back. But what is the Cradle? According to Westworld’s emails, it is “the simulation technology that stores and tests all of our storylines” and ensures customers “get the immersive and dynamic experience [they] deserve.” So it’s the way Delos test-drives its experiences. Bernard describes it as a “backup” and Elsie calls it a “hive mind” where all the hosts consciousnesses are “alive.” Creepy, indeed.

Some even think that Bernard’s experiences in season 2 have all taken place in The Cradle, and not in a “real” timeline. No matter what, it’s clearly going to be significant in coming episodes.

4. There’s a new Delos team in town.

The Delos retrieval team, led by a brusque man called Coughlin (Timothy V. Murphy), arrive once Charlotte explains that Abernathy is in hand. They quickly get some of the Mesa’s functions going again, including the Westworld map. Coughlin is extremely dismissive of Stubbs’ security team and seems to have a better handle on the situation than any of the park’s on-ground staff. But what does he know that the others don’t?

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5. One of the Shogun World hosts has stayed with Maeve’s party.

When the Westworld hosts met their Shogun World counterparts, they each responded very differently. For instance, Maeve was drawn strongly to Akane (Rinko Kikuchi) and her tragic story, while Hector and Musashi were instantly repelled by each other, or at least very suspicious of one another. But Armistice and her Shogun World counterpart, Hanaryo (Tao Okamoto) seemed entranced by each other in a more elemental way, mirroring each other’s movements and assisting each other in battle. And when Akane and Musashi decided to stay put in Shogun World, it seemed like the parks’ respective parties would be parting ways for good. But when the Westworld hosts re-emerged in their own park, Hanaryo was with them. What will that mean for the future?

6. Ford is back, and he’s ready to…party?

Bernard submerges into his memories at the Cradle, and tries to find out what he’d learned there before. He follows a dog into the saloon and who should be playing the piano there but his old friend, Ford. This is a huge surprise—Ford died in the finale of the first season, and it had long been assumed that Anthony Hopkins would not return to the show. Is he in charge of this Westworld endgame, as some fans have theorized? Is he the “messenger” inside the Cradle that’s “improvising”?

His return also goes some way to explaining that elaborate Rickroll the show’s creators launched a little while back; fans will recall that a supposed season 2 primer ended with Evan Rachel Wood and Angela Sarafyan performing “Never Going to Give You Up.” However, that seeming stunt ended with a long loop of a dog at a piano—which totally dovetails with the final scene in tonight’s episode. (And does it have anything to do with the wolf/coyote we’ve seen in scenes to do with Dolores?) Seems that fakeout wasn’t so fake, after all.

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