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Finding workouts that tone your entire body from head to toe in a short amount of time can feel impossible. But Francheska Martinez, certified trainer at Onnit Academy, is a pro at creating quick, effective workouts you can pretty much do anywhere. One of her latest is a total-body workout that only requires one kettlebell — and it’s great for beginners.

You start with an explosive deadlift, which is just a deadlift with a jump at the top, then you move into a clean (when you explosively bring the kettlebell from the ground onto the front of your shoulder in a racked position) and squat. From there, you do a shoulder press with the kettlebell. Francheska recommends doing 10 reps of this flowing three-exercise circuit alternating sides as you go, and do six rounds in total. Take “plenty of rest for quality reps,” she advised.

Try this out if you’re looking for a challenge! You’ll strengthen your legs, shape up your shoulders, and get your heart rate up. Think of it as an all-in-one workout.


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