Nikita Dragun Red Matte Lipstick Interview


YouTube star Nikita Dragun has a superhero name, so it’s only fitting she has a superpower: Connecting to two million(!) followers about everything from transitioning to vacationing on a private island.

So, what’s the superhero’s weapon of choice? Red lipstick, of course. It’s been a favorite of hers since she was a little kid and would sneak into her mom’s beauty stash to take a tube. It only makes sense that beauty brand Morphe called Dragun to be the face of their latest beauty collection: five red matte lipsticks playfully titled Lover, Tease, Steamy, Dominate, and Morphe.

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Dragun took time out of her busy schedule to speak with about the upcoming collection, using her platform for social change, and the beauty of inclusivity.

What made you want to collaborate with Morphe?

Morphe was one of the first makeup brands that I worked with when I was just starting out. The great thing about them is that they were really invested in social media and influencers like me early. They told me about this campaign and said, “We really can’t picture anyone else bringing this kind of innate, unapologetic, crazy fire to the campaign.” I was obviously so honored. Also, I had just hit a million subscribers on YouTube and two million on Instagram, so I feel like it was just the perfect alignment of everything.

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Courtesy of Morphe

Tell us about your new collection.

It’s really cool because it’s five different shades of red. You might not think you need five different reds, but I feel like red is such a tricky color that the more you have, the more powerful you are. In this collection there are cool undertones, warm undertones, orange undertones, and all of these different color bases. You get to choose a red for your mood. There’s a seductive red for when I’m going on a tinder date or want to snatch some boys in the club.

What is your favorite red matte in the collection?

Obviously they’re all bomb but “Dominate” is my tried and true. It’s this perfect true red and it looks amazing on my skin tone. I mean, all of them really look amazing on my skin tone.

Morphe Dominate Matte Lipstick

Courtesy of Morphe

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What is so special about a red lipstick?

Red lipstick has always been a powerful thing to me. I’ve always been a lover of beauty and femininity and I feel like when women put on red lipstick, it is just a “moment.” Red lipstick was the first thing I would sneak into my mom’s makeup room to grab. Whenever I need that extra confidence booster, whenever I want to feel that extra chic-edgy, I grab red lipstick.

Courtesy of Morphe

What’s your favorite beauty YouTube video you have ever done?

Recently I did a prom video that I love. I have always wanted that effing fantasy of going to prom. I was just that kid in high school that always did the makeup for the girls who went to prom. At the time, I was a boy so I was in a tux and not all cute. I’ve always had that fantasy. I definitely got my full Cinderella moment.

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Recently, I went on Hollywood Boulevard, which is right outside my place, and I was asking a bunch of questions to strangers. The title of the video is “Asking Strangers If They Think I’m Transgender.”

I just saw so many articles in the media about different politicians and people not wanting more reform for trans people and all of these studies saying that this many people disapprove of trans people and all of this stuff. So, I’m like “You know what? Why don’t we experiment with this, and let me go out into the fucking street and see what real people have to say?”

And of course, my whole series of “Transformation Tuesdays” that’s documented my entire transition from beginning to end. I feel like, for me, that is one of my favorite things about my channel. I get to go back and watch my transition from beginning to end.

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How important is representation in beauty to you?

I think it’s the most important thing. I think the most powerful beauty is representative of uniqueness and individuality of every person. At least that’s what I find beautiful. I find beauty in all the flaws. I feel like the beauty community really reflects the world, in a sense. I think if everyone’s being represented accordingly, it’s amazing. I think it’s incredible in my Morphe campaign we have so many shades for so many different people. I think the cool thing too is it’s not about me being a trans woman, modeling for Morphe. It’s me just being a fiery personality and a woman.

It’s not about me being a trans woman, modeling for Morphe. It’s me just being a fiery personality.

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What’s next for Nikita Dragun?

I don’t know how I’m finessing my way through the world. I feel like, for me, this is all about reaching more people. I discovered myself and my next step is finding out what else I am. “Okay, you’re Nikita, now what else are you?” I feel like I’m just conquering, honestly, I’m trying to conquer the world at this point. I’m like “girlllllllll”.

Shop Nikita Dragun’s five red matte lipsticks below.


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