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If you don’t have much experience with kettlebells, you’re in the right place. Eric Leija, also known as primal.swoledier on Instagram, is a senior kettlebell specialist who created an exclusive workout for POPSUGAR — with all you beginners in mind.

“In this beginner kettlebell workout, all you need is one kettlebell to get a full-body pump,” Eric told POPSUGAR. “This full-body single-kettlebell workout covers all the essential moves to help you build a strong, well-rounded body. This workout includes hinge, squat, push, and pull movements that will help you build well-balanced strength.”

Either borrow a kettlebell from a friend or grab one at the gym — we suggest starting with an 8 kg kettlebell — because you don’t want to miss out on this fat-burning workout. The first circuit is a warmup using just bodyweight moves. It’s important to open up all your joints and prepare your muscles for what’s ahead. You’ll do three rounds of this circuit with minimal rest in between.

The main circuit is just three different movements, and you’ll do five rounds in total. “Rest after you have completed the set reps for all three exercises,” Eric advised. “Rest 45 to 90 seconds or until you feel ready enough to complete quality reps in the next round.” Let’s get to work!

If you love this workout, check out Eric’s Primal Kettlebell Course for plenty of other killer sessions to tone you from head to toe.

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