Can Animal Flow Help Me Lose Weight?


When you first hear about Animal Flow, you can’t help but wonder what on earth those words could possibly mean. Despite its odd-sounding name, Animal Flow is a highly effective bodyweight workout that can best be described as a combination of yoga, gymnastic, calisthenics, and breakdancing.

Venus Lau — Animal Flow expert, certified trainer, and yoga teacher — knows firsthand how Animal Flow can change your body. She has been incorporating this workout into her clients’ programs for years, and she’s seen tremendous results. We asked Venus why Animal Flow is great for weight loss, and she gave us the inside scoop.

“The body and the brain act as one, and a lot of times in traditional fitness, people are trying to isolate things — arms, booty, abs, etc.,” she told POPSUGAR. “Why not do a system that uses it all? Weight loss will be a byproduct. You’re going to lose weight, you’re going to have flat abs, your ass is going to look great, you’re going to have amazing arms — because everything is finally moving together in one unit.”

She explained that moving the body is “like music — we all know when music is off, when there’s a beat that’s off.” So when it comes to fitness, movements like Animal Flow allow you to “learn and become more efficient.” As a result, Venus said, “Everything leans out. There is so much blood flow going to all areas of the body; nothing is getting missed. No tissue, no muscle, no joints — nothing gets left behind, including the brain and breath.” You’re literally using every inch of your body to move around, so you’ll also end up burning more calories than if you were doing isolated exercises.

If you need some inspiration on how to start your own practice of Animal Flow, visit Venus’ Instagram page, which is full of ideas and workouts! You can also follow the creator of Animal Flow, Mike Fitch, as well as the official Animal Flow Instagram page. Happy flowing!


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