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THE LOVE Outdoor Voices Two-Tone Leggings, $85


I read somewhere that if you invest in your workout clothes you’re more likely to work out, but I’d always been content with the pairs of loved soccer shorts I’ve had since high school (making them, um, twelve years-old?!). Apparently, I’ve never really been the type of person who cares about what I work out in; as long as I manage to get to the gym, go on a run, or head to a boxing class, the hard part is done. But then those shorts started losing their elastic stretch, and I realized it was time to invest in some new workout attire.

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Tyler Joe

Throwback to a few years ago on a visit to LA where my cool friend had a baseball cap that simply said #DoingThings. (Hi, Maudie!). The enigmatic, low-key statement was the motto of Outdoor Voices, and I was intrigued. Owned by a young woman, Austin-based Tyler Haney, I was instantly hooked on the unfussy, cool-kid aesthetic. While the leggings are a bit of a splurge for something you plan to sweat in, they’ve become a favorite item in my weekend wardrobe. The high waistband is super comfortable, and has the perfect hidden pocket for your cell phone. There’s also a great range of color combos, styles, and lengths to choose from.

Have you seen you seen that viral meme of a lovely, composed Afghan Hound, hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, with the statement above that says, “Cara, 26. Loves her Saturday morning spin class, kale smoothies, and helping her friends with their Hinge profiles.”? I was worried giving in to quality workout gear will make me Cara (she definitely invests in new fitness attire), kale smoothie in-hand post-6 a.m. cycling class. There’s nothing wrong with being Cara, it’s just not me. The OV leggings make me feel somewhere in between her and me. There are days when I wear them with every intent to work out, but I just end up doing things, and I’m fine with that.

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