Meghan Markle’s Legs Are Getting People Riled Up

First it was the lack of pantyhose. Then it was the pants. Now it’s fact she was wearing pantyhose that put Meghan Markle‘s legs back in the news.

Not even a week after Kate Middleton’s fingers made headlines, the insanity surrounding coverage of the royal family continues. All of the major figures made an appearance yesterday at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day, and you better believe the Duchess of Cambridge and her future sister-in-law had their fashion choices scrutinized down to the most minute detail.

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prince harry meghan markle engagement

The former Suits actress initially ignited a fashion controversy at the announcement of her engagement to Prince Harry back in November. Many claimed she made her first royal fashion “faux pas” by going bare-legged in public.

That’s why her ensemble yesterday—which included a white Crombie coat and matching beret by Princess Diana’s favorite milliner Stephen Jones—caused a stir. Some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Meghan did wear nude tights for the formal occasion. Whether she wanted a extra-polished look or just a warm layer, it’s impossible to say. It’s true that Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cambridge frequently wear them, but there’s no evidence of strict protocol requiring royals to put them on for every appearance.

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meghan markle pantyhose

“Although pantyhose are not required for every event, they are generally a rule for more formal or conservative royal events,” Christine Ross of Meghan’s Mirror explained to E! Online. “The perception is that pantyhose are more modest and feminine, but given how chilly London can be, it may be a practical choice more than anything.”

You would think that Meghan’s outfit yesterday would then satisfy the haters, but the internet trolls still came out in full force, resurfacing horrible and mean-spirited criticisms about her legs.

Thankfully these cruel comments were drowned out by another observation about her legs: Markle wore similar shoes to her future sister-in-law, down to the color, toe shape and even heel height. The American stepped out in navy Manolo Blahnik BB pumps, while the Duchess wore a similar pair from Rupert Sanderson, a British designer.

meghan markle kate middleton matching shoes

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