Kyle Mack Snowboard Big Air Olympics 2018


Even if you know absolutely nothing about snowboarding, it’s a guarantee that your jaw will drop when you watch those athletes fly through the air and rotate a bunch of times — and then land perfectly on the snow like it’s no big deal. But Kyle Mack, a 20-year-old snowboarder on Team USA, has taken the excitement to a whole new level.

On Feb. 23, in the snowboarding big air final, Kyle attempted a pretty insane trick with an even more insane name: a frontside triple cork 1440 bloody Dracula. No, we did not make that up. And yes, it sounds absolutely terrifying.

He nailed the trick, forcing all of our jaws to drop in disbelief. And the risk was well worth it, because he was awarded a silver medal!

This win was unexpected. In fact, Team Canada was expected to take all three spots on the podium, but it ended up being Sebastien Toutant of Canada with gold, Kyle with silver, and Billy Morgan of Great Britain with bronze. We have a feeling Kyle has a long, successful future in front of him. Can’t wait to see what he does next!

Image Source: Getty / Clive Mason


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