Everything to Know About Christopher Bailey’s Final Show for Burberry

The Burberry show in London was a double milestone: It marked designer Christopher Bailey’s last season with the British brand, and debuted a capsule collection that supports LGBTQ hubs like The Trevor Project. (The pieces are rainbow, beyond cool, and available now.)

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But some things aren’t revealed via hashtag—and usually in the fashion world, those are the best things.

Scroll down for an IRL perspective on all things Burberry, including beauty details, bag gags, and which celebrity got the runway pieces first. (It’s not who we expected…)

The Long Goodbye

Christopher Bailey

Getty Images

For 17 years, Christopher Bailey has helmed Burberry like a stern-but-inspiring sea captain, steering his design team and his shoppers into greater creative depths. On Saturday night, he finally came ashore—in this case, into the fashion show audience—thanking everyone from staff to stars like Naomi Campbell for nearly an hour after his final runway bow. New Wave dance music blared on the speakers, champagne sloshed on the floor, and more than a few starstruck fashion assistants got to hug their idol.

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Heroes Among Us

Zendaya Burberry

Getty Images

The front row wasn’t just supermodels—it was superheroes, too. There was Spider Man (Tom Holland), an X-Man (Nicholas Hoult), a new Star Wars general (Domhnall Gleeson), 25% of the Fantastic Four (Kate Mara), and our favorite Thor warrior (Idris Elba). But the most heroic was Zendaya, former Disney spy kid and current Spider Man badass, who patiently posed with every girl (runway models, back row interns, all of them) who stopped her for a selfie.

“I feel like I’m a tiny part of fashion history tonight,” she said after the catwalk finale. “To be at the last Burberry with Christopher Bailey, that’s really special… It feels like more than just a fashion show. It feels like more of a significant moment.”

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The fans who got to meet her would certainly agree.

Five-Minute Makeup

Edie Campbell Burberry Beauty

Faran Krentcil

Check out this photo of Edie Campbell, getting contoured by makeup artist Wendy Rowe backstage. “This is a five minute makeup look,” she explained, “because you’re literally just enhancing what’s already there. In Edie’s case, we’re going to take her gorgeous cheekbones and add some very soft contour and highlight to set them off. It’s not supposed to be about the makeup. It’s supposed to be about her, the individual.” Try a sheer, buildable stick like Burberry Fresh Glow to keep it sheer and subtle.

Double Bottoms

Burberry Spring 2018

Getty Images

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The same red plaid kilt went down the catwalk on two models, one male and one female. It looked equally relaxed, and truly great, on both.

Double Bags

Burberry Bags

Getty Images

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Models carried branded plastic shopping bags down the catwalk, but they seemed a little bulky. Look closely, and you’ll notice the collection’s signature handbags stashed inside. (Considering they cost over $1k, it’s a pretty sensible way to make sure they stay clean.)

Double Babes

Paris Jackson Burberry

Getty Images

All hail Paris Jackson, who wore Look Number 5 from the show before it even hit the runway! Other Burberry VIPs had special stuff, too, but Paris appeared to have the only outfit beamed directly from the future—a low-key power move, for sure.

Hairspray Hacks

Cara Delevingne Burberry

Getty Images

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Today in Cara Fangirl News: Rowe told us that to groom Delevingne’s famous brows, she mists hairspray onto a spoolie and combs them quickly into place. If you need a little more filler, it’s easy: Burberry Beauty’s full brow pen mimics the effects of micro-blading without the whole tattoo needle part. Definitely worth a Sephora drive-by.

Also: Heart Sneaker

Burberry Heart Sneakers


Burberry’s making a serious sneaker this season, and it is sick. The good news: not sold out yet. The bad news: doesn’t ship until August. You make the call, but wow.

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