7 Days of Workouts For During the Holidays

Hark! The holi-daze are upon us. Maybe you slid through Halloween and Thanskgiving despite the temptations of the Fall candy fest and the turkey day binge. But now you are staring down a gauntlet of weeks of holiday parties, meals, treats, AND interruptions to your wellness routine. Suddenly, your neighbor remembered how to bake and wants to share, your officemates are filled with cheer while filling treat bowls on every desk, and the invites for festive gatherings are crowding into your gym time.

Now is not the time to surrender to endless carbs and sugar while letting dust collect on your workout gear. Nor is it time to put on your Grinch hat and go into hiding for fear of being led off track by the Who’s Roast Beast. Because it is the busiest (and most wonderful) time of the year, maximize your limited fitness time with these seven time-friendly workouts and make room for some cheerful merrymaking. You’ll have earned it!

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