Ashley Graham Looks Fierce and Flawless in Day 2 of ‘LOVE’s Advent Calendar

Ashley Graham is the latest model to feature in LOVE‘s 2017 advent calendar, and her look is as fierce and flawless as you’d expect. Shot in black and white, Graham is shown wearing black mesh underwear as she sprints along the road. By the end of the video it’s revealed that Graham is pulling a sled, which will get just about anyone into the Christmas spirit.

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Throughout the video, Graham’s body looks incredible, and there are copious close-up shots of her breasts and butt, as the model prepares to run.

At the end of the video, a quote from Graham appears on screen saying, “Shooting the advent calendar is a true expression of self love… We are powerful, we are resilient, and we run the world.”

The video’s release comes just after Graham denounced the term “plus-sized” on television. On CBS Sunday Morning, Graham said, “I think the word ‘plus-sized’ is so divisive to women. I think that when you use the word ‘plus-size,’ you’re putting all these women into a category.” Graham’s attitude, and her staunch belief that women should feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of their size, is constantly inspiring.

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Graham also took to task the misnomers associated with the term saying that people assume, “‘You don’t eat well. You don’t work out. You couldn’t care less about your body. You’re insecure. You have no confidence.’ And that is none of this.” As her LOVE advent calendar appearance makes very clear, Graham is in incredible shape, and stronger than ever.

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