Zay Jones Floating to His Feet During Game


If you think magic is just something fictional reserved for Harry Potter books, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones would like a word with you. The NFL player caused people nationwide to question their own eyes when he seemingly floated to his feet during a Nov. 26 game against the Kansas City Chiefs. The clip above — which is not edited, rewound, or altered in any way — seems to defy the laws of physics, with Jones rising to his feet from an incomplete pass in a style reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson’s famous “anti-gravity lean” dance move.

Football fans everywhere had to rewatch the jaw-dropping move over and over again, still stumped about how Jones so casually floated backwards, apparently using only his calf muscles.

Was it magic? Is there an invisible string on his back? Did some higher power reach down and lift him back to his feet? If you ask Jones, it’s got to be the latter. The football star tweeted a clip of his gravity-defying move and gave credit to the “big man upstairs.”

Whatever caused this wild move to happen, apparently against all rules of physics, we simply can’t stop watching. Whether it’s magic, a deity, or simply Jones’s unbelievable strength and coordination, we want to get on his level!


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