My Two Friends Met at My Reception. Shouldn’t I Be Invited to Their Hangs, Too?

Dear E. Jean: A few weeks after our wedding, I learned that friend A and friend B got together after they met at our reception (one of them mentioned it to me). They had a great time together and are planning to hang out again, and I’m incredibly jealous!

Aren’t I supposed to be invited, too? What’s the etiquette here? Isn’t there an unspoken rule about how to conduct oneself in these situations? Isn’t one supposed to go through the mutual friend, and not behind her back? I know it’s normal for adults to meet new friends through their social networks, but I want to tell them I feel disrespected. Is it my insecurities? —Feeling Isolated

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Feeling, My Firebird Sweet: Of course it’s your insecurities. Social media has turned all of us into thin-skinned little dorks who spend half our lives worrying because we can’t get our friends to mesh together, and the other half fretting when they leave us out. It would have been nicer (and more proper) had they invited you, yes; but stop blubbering. Rejoice that you have friends. Take them to brunch.

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