Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart and Hart Denton Pose Together- First Look at Betty and Her Mysterious Brother Chic

Spoilers ahead.

Take yourself back to the very last episode of Riverdale season one. There was a heart-stopping shooting, some steamy make out sessions, and a shocking moment when Cheryl Blossom literally burned down her house. But in the midst of all that drama, it was revealed girl-next-door Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) has a mysterious brother Chic, who her mother put up for adoption while she was in high school.

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And while there have been theories about who exactly that brother could be, it was confirmed that Betty’s bro will be played by none other than Hart Denton, who recently showed up on Lili Reinhart’s Instagram story:


By the looks of the picture, the two seem to be filming an episode (Reinhart’s hair is pulled back in a classic Betty ponytail), unless Reinhart is posting a throwback from a previous shoot. She also wrote on the photo that Denton is the only cast member who loves raw cookie dough as much as she does, which means some serious sibling bonding has already gone down. (Though, do Cole Sprouse and Cami Mendes (Jughead and Veronica on the show, respectively) really not like raw cookie dough?)

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The second episode of Riverdale season two airs tonight, Oct. 18, which means everyone is one episode closer to finding out more about this new peculiar character.

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