Couple’s Figure Skating Routine to “The Sound of Silence”

When it comes to rapidly flinging yourself across sheets of ice with actual bladed weapons strapped to your feet — or, as people involved in the challenging sport like to call it, figure skating — it’s vital to have a partner you can trust with your life. And it’s clear that French pair skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprés have precisely that sort of bond, because during the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy 2017 competition in Tokyo, Japan, the duo delivered a jaw-dropping performance that has the internet buzzing.

Set to Disturbed’s rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic hit “The Sound of Silence,” the pair’s graceful movements and impressive stunts have the effect of making you feel the music in your bones.

Starting around the 1:50 mark, the gorgeous routine takes a spin (literally) that will give you chills. As one video commenter so appropriately put it, “Some couples skate to music, this couple became the music. Outstanding!” James and Ciprés delivered a stunning performance that involved him legitimately throwing her across the ice, and their perfectly synced movements left audiences gasping and standing to applaud. Give it a watch for yourself, because there’s a reason this video is quickly going viral on Facebook.

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