Everything Is Terrible In The New American Horror Story: Cult Teasers

As the world gears up for another season of the ghoulish American Horror Story universe, the twisted minds behind the show keep letting slip freakier and freakier teasers. And the latest two are perhaps the creepiest of all, which is saying something because everything involving these clowns has been extremely creepy.

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The first new teaser might as well double as a back-to-school special, except with a bus full of creepy glitch clowns.

Anyone else get chills? But if there’s anything weirder than that, it’s definitely clown bee imagery with a twist of “what is that guy doing”:

It seems like the bee stuff comes from the idea of the “hive mind,” which is indicative of cult-like behavior. But it remains to be seen how these clowns relate back to the U.S. election that’s supposedly the foundation of the season. There are only a few more weeks until folks find out on the season premiere.

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