Man’s Six Dates Ditch Him, Become Friends

Friends Raising Toast

Everyone has their share of dating nightmares but holy hell this one from Twitter user Lisette Pylant—who went on a date with a man who had booked six dates for the very same night—is the most absurd and exhausting we’ve heard in a while. WHO IS LIKE THIS? WHY WOULD YOU? HELP.

Mashable verified Pylant’s story, which begins with her on a date with a guy her bartender friend immediately warns her about.

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After 45 minutes, another date of his shows up, as he’s double-booked himself à la a rom-com B-plot. This is when Pylant (genius) realizes that instead of a date, she could have a new friend.

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But then a third date shows up. And a fourth. And fifth and sixth. And slowly, Pylant lures them all to another bar where they hang out and immediately form a gang.

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