Disney Is Pulling All Of Its Content From Netflix

You know how Netflix is not only your favorite streaming service, but also a glorious repository of bottomless Disney content? Yeah, well, today’s slice of “Everything Is Terrible” news comes to you courtesy of Disney, which just announced its plan to pull all of its content from Netflix, and launch its own streaming service instead.

Per CNBC, this move comes in conjunction with the launch of a new ESPN video streaming service in early 2018, with the overall Disney streaming service likely to launch in 2019.

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I mean, this makes sense. Everybody wants their own piece of the streaming video pie, and Disney has an insanely popular library of content, including classic faves and Marvel movies. Not every Disney movie is currently available on Netflix, whereas you’ll presumably get access to the entire back catalogue via their new proposal—but what this translates to is yet one more streaming subscription you need to justify forking out $$$ for every month.

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