Big Boobs Are Back – Celebrities With Large Breasts



Boobs. Here you thought they’d been resting safely somewhere between your shoulders and navel this whole time, but no. According to The New York Post, boobs have been noticeably missing for a while.

“Now you can welcome the return of the out-and-proud cleavage,” explains an announcement this morning, because they’re back in a big way. “Stand up straight, push out your chest and work that feminine charm, as bountiful boobs are back in style.”

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The Post credits Rihanna, Susan Sarandon and Emily Ratajkowski, who have all been seen out in public recently, mammary glands intact, with bringing back the lost breasts.

Hmmm, where could they have gone?

Into the woods?


Under your bed?

DTP + The Image Bank

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To a wine tasting?


The bottom of my bag?


Honestly, where did the damn boobs go??


Ooooh, that’s where they were. Right on your chest.

It’s always the last place you look.


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