Mandy Moore Would Consider A Cameo In ‘Princess Diaries 3’ On One Condition



If there was one word I’d use to describe Mandy Moore it would be maternal–which definitely works in her favor considering she’s currently starring as the quintessential mother on the hit show This Is Us. Despite a not insignificant number PR reps and experts surrounding Moore as we sit down to speak at The Crosby Hotel in New York City, her first words aren’t plugging her cause or pitching her next project. Instead, she asks if I needed a drink of water or anything to eat. Total mom move, considering the 33-year-old actress has yet to have children of her own.

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“Milo [Ventimiglia] actually was the one who taught me how to swaddle the baby,” Moore says, acknowledging that when she took the role of Rebecca Pearson in This Is Us, she had nothing short of an utter lack of experience with children. But it’s her role as a mother on TV that informed her partnership with biopharmaceutical company Merck and the Her Life. Her Adventures. campaign. Its goal is to educate women about healthcare and family planning, including birth control options.

“I’m a passionate advocate around women’s health issues,” Moore explains. “At age 33, I’m at a point in my life that’s sort of mirroring this character I’m fortunate enough to play. She’s a wife and mother at all these varying degrees in her life.” Here, Moore opens up about planning her own family, This Is Us season two, new music, and Princess Diaries 3.

Mandy Moore with co-star Milo Ventimiglia on ‘This Is Us’

This Is Us/NBC

Considering this project, are you looking into motherhood yourself?

Absolutely. Right now I’m focused on my career. That’s priority number one for me, so it makes sense that birth control is part of my life in this particular moment. But I know that’s going to be the next chapter. And I’m very much looking forward to it.

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They tell you when you have children, you’re not supposed to have favorites… but who’s your favorite ‘This Is Us’ child? Kevin, Randall, or Kate?

That’s so terrible. I don’t think I can choose. I love them all and I love them all as people. I love every version and every age of actor, too. I can’t avoid thinking about motherhood when I get to work with babies and two-year-olds and all the different stages of childhood. It’s remarkable, I have a great job.

I want to see why there’s a disconnect between her biological children.

I wasn’t going to ask this, but since you gave such a diplomatic answer to that question, I have to: of the adult actors who play your children, which is your favorite?

I would say that I get to spend more time around Chrissy [Metz, who plays Kate] because she’s a lady and we go to events and get gussied up and go to photo shoots together. So I’ve probably spent more one-on-one time with her. But everybody’s a delightful human on every level. We really lucked out. It’s such a wonderful, grounded group of people. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Your character began to rebuild her relationship with her adopted son Randall after he discovered she’d concealed the identity of his biological father, William. How does William’s death at the end of season one factor into your tumultuous mother/son relationship?

That was a bit of catharsis at the end of this season with Randall showing forgiveness. They’re on the road to rebuilding their relationship and trust that’s been pretty damaged and broken. There is a disconnect, but I’m curious to see how they’re going to find their way together. I also want to see why there’s a disconnect between her biological children. They both moved out to California, and she’s certainly not as close to them. She’s way closer to Randall and his family, and not just geographically. I’m curious to sort of explore the nuances of those relationships.


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